Heaviest pin?

chris b

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Apr 18, 2012
Bradford west yorkshire
banzai run is the worst ever weight proportion is shocking and always wants to fall over
any jjp is heavy but i have never been beat yet can still set them up on my own but i must say if you dont lift the back up and get it on peg leg first time then forget it
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new forest pinball

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Oct 27, 2015
brockenhurst hampshire
Not what the heaviest game I've owned is. I do remember @new forest pinball and me pushing a Creech up the stairs in my house back along though. Almost finished me off!
@huggers Ha, ha, yes that was pretty strenuous to say the least when yer an ole timer like me!.......(I have socks older than Andy!...... @huggers ).

Reminds me of the time I was moving a baywatch across a street (very heavy machine so not completely off topic.) , delivering it to a customer, I hit the kerb with my sack truck wheel and it toppled off onto an Audi a1! (It was the Audi or my left arm......) fortunately for me the Audi owner saw the funny side of having Pamala Anderson 's red thong bikini buried in his bonnet....:rofl:
(The pinball was fine by the way)
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steve brum

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Feb 15, 2015
HH isn't too bad as the top comes off. Space Invaders always an awkward lump. once moved 8 x ST TNG at once - don't know if the van was more knackered or us. Gottlieb system 3 aren't the heaviest but the most awkward as you cant set them up by yourself as no where to lift up from. Banzai always seemed unstable when tombstoned. I think like Hercules it wasn't meant to be moved from site to site. more a novelty to sit in one place until it died.