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Wanted Gottliebs


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Jan 11, 2018
James Reed
Afternoon gang, looking to scratch an itch and expand the Gottlieb Garden a little bit to try and cheer myself up. If you have anything you want to move on and it's got Gottlieb written on it please let me know, not looking for anything expensive at the moment... EMs, system 1's, system 80's and system 3's all considered 😁

Let me know what you've got ☺️
Thanks, James the Gottlieb fanboy
Cactus Jack's for £1700.100% working but would need new cab decals as the current ones are faded.
Thanks for the offer, Cactus is pretty high up on my want list as missed out on 2 a few years back for just lower than 900 so been kicking myself ever since 🫠 1.7k is too much for me with a faded cab but thanks again 👍
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