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Ghostbusters Pro Mods


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Jan 10, 2014
Newcastle, Australia
I wanted to improve the world under glass feeling for my Ghostbusters Pro.

I designed and had the following mods professionally printed along with lighting:

- Public Library with lights

- Flat Iron Building with lights

- and removed the floating ghost trap in the sky on the back board and created a thundering sky with active leds.

- and there is a Storage Facility just in view in the foreground in one of those pictures.

Next is a smaller and more accurate Fire Station model.


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Do these mods fit the premium
The Sky Mod will, am refining to fit all versions.
The Library Mod, I just need to determine how the game supplied library is currently mounted.
The Flat Iron Mod, not sure on where slimer swings past but could adjust to suit once I know about the swing.
Thanks guys,

The Library and Flat Iron are still in final stages of refinement and not on the website and then will firm up a price for each of them and have gained some photos and measurements to determine use in Premium / LE's.

I do need to update the website a bit.
update - 6-6-23

- refining some of the designs and currently they will fit the following
- Pro - Sky Mod / Library / Flat Iron / Fire Station
- Premium - Sky Mod / Fire Station

I am looking into making the library suit a Premium / LE
The Flat Iron looks like it won't be likely for a Premium / LE as slimer hits it
Also have partially designed a Fire Station Building as well.

Will be ordering parts for Proto 2's soon and then I can firm up prices and will be offering a discount on multiple mods.

I have an active wait / Interest list so send me a message if you want to be placed on the list and secure a position - currently 17 positions taken up. Please let me know what you are potentially interested in and what game you have - Pro / Premium / LE

Yes I do, but not many people go for the older game stuff
Didn't know you did but they look great so I'll be be in on at least the Library and Flat Iron.
Do you reckon you could knock up a mirror for the PKE lanes as it seems unobtanium?
Didn't know you did but they look great so I'll be be in on at least the Library and Flat Iron.
Do you reckon you could knock up a mirror for the PKE lanes as it seems unobtanium?
maybe in the future for a mod for the top lanes
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Just finished paint ups similar to the original library with some shadowing - just need to design a Public Library decal for the front section similar to the original area. The next revision library will have a section to cast light down onto the decal.


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Small Update - 14-6-23

  • will release prices soon
  • I scaled up the library from 80% of a Stern to 89% of a Stern Library and created an adaptor plate so it will suit a Premium / LE (all going well) as well and on the pro will cover up the words but not go to the edge of the plastic
  • a pinhead suggested an idea for the Flat Iron Building design concept for the Premium / LE so will model that up soon and show to get peoples thoughts
  • final release (hopefully) of library mod / flat iron mod and sky mod ordered today and will have in a few weeks time.
And just so everyone knows all my parts are professionally 3D printed PA12 Nylon and solid infill, no partially hollow home printed parts and if you buy more than one building / mod you will get a discount as a thank you for your support.

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10 of each of the new Ghostbusters Mods are ready to go out to their new Pro owners (Sky Mods, Library Mods and Flat Iron Mods). Next are Foo mods and then 2 weeks time more GB mods but for the Premium / LE guys.

The Premium / LE versions of the Library and Flat Iron are not complete yet but professional prints are in production. The Sky Mod suits any version of the game.


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@Andy.S - just send a message to get on the wait list if interested as just working through that to fulfil people's orders

Sky Mod - is universal for all games
Library Mod - has an extra base to cover up the big clear space left when removing the original library
Flat Iron Mod - is unique for the Premium / LE as needs to sit 12mm more forward so slimer does not high five the building and to miss the ecto goggles
Just finished a new mod for GB - the SDTM Gate Mod. At times the ball would exit the pops on the left side and then roll straight down the middle between the flippers. So now have a mod with 2 different gate widths so people can have a spare or go with the width they prefer - 16mm or 20mm wide gates.


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Does the firestation fit all versions?
yes it will fit all versions. One will be as you see it, then another will be a spinner bracket topper in the shape of a GB logo and then another with a spinner bracket ecto light bar topper.

one photo shows the first one piece proto - you can see it is not as big as the stern building but this suits the library, and flat iron building mods.
the next photo shows the 3 versions before paint


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