For Sale Ghostbusters Airball protectors in Slime Flavour

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Nov 9, 2016
Colin Chapman
Well finished my Slime protectors which are loosely based on a set that was already fitted to mine when I bought it from ChrisB.

The slings, Outlanes and guides are now made in one piece to counter lane problems and are £20 inc p&p I still have the original split set available if needed for same price.
The Ramp protector & ect goggle one are £8 each again inc p&p
A set of 4 is £30 and for those with GB pro that don’t need the ecto protector it will be £25 without it.

As I always say they look better in the flesh but in this instance a great enhancement to stop this pesky ghosts chucking the balls around dangerously.

I have done a couple of the original split slings sets for a few members so if you want to upgrade knock a tenner off