FT Boat Ramp

Alan Syson

Jul 21, 2011
Trying to fit a new boat ramp, it’s close but no cigar.
Problem is the square metal in the middle, it’s hitting the metal of the support, see pics, & not letting the ramp slide forwards to the retaining screw posts. I can actually get them in but it’s with a fair bit of force.
My solution, unless anyone can think of something better, is to shave a bit of the metal off. But it’s sprung steel I think so it won’t be easy. I’ve got a dremmel with some grindy bits. Anyone with experience of trimming this stuff?
Cheers, Alan.54E499E0-04A2-40C8-88CB-CF8D664DFFFD.jpeg7D12447B-4777-4074-A73D-8D72AF6F9E5D.jpeg