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Oct 5, 2012
Hi everyone.

Just thought i would communicate a few things by way of a kind of "update". No, this isnt a "state of the union" every month, but i'd really like to give you guys more of an update as to whats happening :)

So - The "events" forum - just by way of a bit of a security update, only "site supporters" are now able to post Events. The reason for this was that it really should have a bit of control around it. Nothings happened - however events are more than likely to be held by people who are well known, and most of these are site supporters.

Alongside this, in the "events" forum, i have enabled what is called "Original Poster control". This is a 3rd party add-on and will allow people who have posted an event to have full control over their thread - They should be able to delete non-relevant posts that aren't related (if required - we all know how these things can go massively off topic), etc. This also means that, if needed, they can keep their posts tidy and on topic. This is currently a trial to see how things go.... if it works then all good - if not or it is abused then i'll just pull it.

The classifieds thing i am still waiting for some movement on, however is something that i would like to implement. It still isn't where it needs to be, however once the functionality that i would like is added then i'll make it all available and we can give that a bash :)

I would also like to be able to give Site supporters something more for their donation, so will be looking at what i can offer those that choose to keep this place running!

Finally, as part of my usual aim to keep things up to date, I'll be doing my yearly scan of all the different forum software out there to ensure we have what i view to be "the best" available. Currently we use xenforo, but to be honest i am quite disappointed with the inbuilt functionality and the lack of decent and supported add-ons.
I'll be taking a new look at IPS and burning board to see if they have upped their game over the last 12 months... I don't ever like moving things as people don't like change, and it's a MASSIVE time investment by myself to do something like that (many weeks of checking functionality, testing etc)..... but it's all part of giving you all the best in functionality. I would Like to be able to add some more things to the site (Currently we are primarily "just" a discussion forum) and i am conscious that whilst that is a great thing, it can become quite "static". I would like to be able to add some more Meat on the bones so to speak... however thats a massive investment (again in time!) on my part, and also in updates moving forwards - someone has to build the content!

Lets see how things go. I hope to be able to bring some new things to the table really soon and spice up what we have - but conscious i don't want to break what i view as the most friendly Pinball site in the world :)



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Apr 25, 2019
Newcomer here, but thank you for all your time and effort all the same.

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Dec 29, 2017
We love it :) and appreciate all the effort that goes into it.

P.S. we still want to shoot are friends down in flames when they post a price up that is too much. Long Live the Price Police.
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