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Oct 5, 2012
Hi all,

As i try to do from time to time, just wanted to give a little more behind the scenes stuff as to what's happening here at Pinballinfo towers... :)

So The first thing is that some may notice that Push notifications are now active. This will allow the forum to send you a notification when one of the posts you have subscribed to gets a response.. Rather than just an email.. This should work on most devices other than Safari on Apple devices - this is because apple dont subscribe the the same notifications that all the other platforms do - so blame apple not me :)

If you go into the "Preference" part of your account then you can choose what you receive push notifications for...


and in fact toggle the whole thing on and off. However you have to agree to the push notification request first!

Sales revamp is going REALLY slow. The guy who is producing the addon is distracted by other things at present, so development isnt as fast as i would have liked - things that were requested at the start of the year haven't been done and the whole thing is painful TBH. I have looked into getting our own addon created for this, however costs would be in the region of £000's so aren't really feasible when you look at the amount of donations that we get in. I am continuing to work on what i can to get this situation improved.

We are getting anywhere between 150 and 200 new posts a day, and between 250 and 300 people actively come visit every day (Thank you!) and take part. We also get a couple of new registrations every day, which is always nice to see.

I'm on the look out for any new thoughts around new things we can do on here... so any suggestions are more than welcome! Hopefully more stuff to come soon!!



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Jan 19, 2015
Great stuff - was prompted to allow push notifications on both phone and desktop and have received desktop notifications in Chrome 👍
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Jul 21, 2011
Northampton, UK
Yep, I'm getting push notifications on my phone already. Great, even more chance to get distracted by pinball info.... :rofl:

Keep up the good work paul, this is by far the best pinball forum on the internet!!
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