Flip Out London - 1st birthday celebrations - The Monster Pinball Meet

Matt Vince

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Jul 21, 2011
Flip Out will be celebrating our 1st birthday at the start of December and are hosting a weekend of competitions, commiserations and of course cake!


It will be held over the weekend of Dec 1st & 2nd and we will be hosting 3 full IFPA competitions.

Saturday's competition will be a head-to-head format with players qualifying from various groups and progressing to the finals.

Sunday's competition will be rounds of 4 player groups scoring points with the top players qualifying for the finals.

We will also be holding a final for the best players over the entire weekend (qualifying games only).

Members pay only £6 for the whole weekend, while guests pay £25. If any guests wish to attend only one day, entry is £15.

All entrants will receive a commemorative T-shirt whether attending both days or not. (please register before Nov 15th to ensure you can choose your size)

To register visit http://flipoutlondon.com/
Matt Vince

Matt Vince

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Jul 21, 2011
A mail shot has gone out, but in case you haven't yet registered (today is the last day) here are the details!

The Monster Pinball Meet


The Anniversary Cup

Doors open at 10am for registration and practice.
The Anniversary Cup Competition will be played between 11am and 5pm.
The format of this competition is that all players will be split into 2 groups and will play every other player in that group in a single head-to-head match on a pre-selected machine.
The top 8 from each group will qualify into the finals to play in a seeded best of 3 knock out.
All tie breakers will be decided by previous head-to-head result (if a multiple tie makes this impossible then an additional game will be played)
Should there be less than 32 players the number of qualifiers will be reduced.

The Monster Pinball Meet

This competition is a league style competition with qualifying open from 11am Saturday until 6pm Sunday. The Finals will take place on Sunday evening.
There will be a bank of 10 machines with all players getting 2 games on each. All scores will count towards qualifying.
The top 4 players after qualifying will play 3, 4-player games to determine the winner.
Each game in the final will award 7,4,2 & 1 points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place.


The Birthday Bash

Doors open at 10am for registration and practice.
The Birthday Bash Competition will be played between 11am and 5pm with all entrants required to be there before the start of play.
This competition consists of many rounds of random 4 player matches on random machines.
The match play software will ensure that where possible players will avoid duplicate players and machines for fairness.
Any players late for the start will be placed as last in any rounds missed.
The top 8 players after 8 rounds will play seeded head-to-head best of 3 knock out matches.
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Nickoss II

May 31, 2016
Thanks everyone for coming down to celebrate our 1st birthday with us! Doesn't feel like its been a year!

Congratulations @Neil McRae @Tucks and our anniversary champion @thelab on as prize winners on Saturday's anniversary tournament.

But don't worry if you've missed it today - there's still one and a half tournaments to go tomorrow!

Full results from Saturday's comp below.

Group 1.PNG
Group 2.PNG

Neil McRae

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Jun 5, 2016
Special note to thank all the flipout founders but especially Matt who did a-lot of work getting the place ready this week and Nick who did the tourney computering stuff! Great days pinball today! Hope tomorrow goes well and don’t forget about the cake!

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Sgt GrizZ

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Jul 21, 2011
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Had a great day at the club today! Thanks guys for all your efforts. Good to see some regulars and meet new folk.

Really enjoyed the tourneys, super well run.... Sods law the first time in ages I do some competitive pinball I have to leave before taking up my final places :) Ah well - all about the fun of taking part!

Incredible lineup of games. Really enjoyed High Speed, Roadshow (as always), Bronco among others.

@Neil McRae Your DE Star Trek looked so good. I thoroughly enjoyed putting up a 180 million grand champ score on it :)

Deadpool seemed pretty cool - I wonder if I'm cut out for modern Sterns now though ... just soooo crazy fast. It's exhausting playing them.

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Sep 21, 2014
SW London
Massive thanks to all. Fantastic weekend and absolutely kernackered today. Well done to all the winners also.

Also huge thanks to club founders and obviously especially to Matt for all the hard work, it is truly appreciated by all.

Big well done to Vin for beating me in the finals! More than happy with second place and my trophy. Glad I won something now as it looks like all the silverware in the future will be won by the Lewell girls! Great to see kids at these events and well done girls.
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