Could these be original factory batteries ??

Sgt GrizZ

Staff member
Jul 21, 2011
40 clicks North of Saigon (or Brighton beach )
I just picked up a project DE Star Wars locally ...very locally 😁 - I'm wondering if it's possible these are the orig factory batteries ?? They are Eveready Industrial, Made in USA, states 'Not For Retail Trade' on them. No date on them. They look old skool. Never seen them before and I kind of think I have seen pictures of someone before with similar saying they were originals.

The cable tie was intact when I viewed the machine , I snipped it to take out batteries checking for leakage - Thankfully fine ! The game has been sat non working for years.

Can't believe I'm actually excited about AA batteries 🤣 I did have a life once, I'll have a look for it later.....