Cactus Canyon P-Roc Project


Aug 29, 2011
Saw this over on the Pinside forums and have to say that it looks very interesting.

I think that CC is pretty underrated as it is, but some new modes could only make a great game even better. Very cool that the guy behind it is making use of unused audio clips in the ROM for Bionic Bart. I'm hoping that we begin to see more and more of people modifying/expanding on the classic 90s games - I'm sure some absolute crap would surface but there must be some talented pinheads out there capable of creating something special.

Top games you'd like to see worked on and expanded in this way guys? CC would have been my vote, but seeing as thats being done I'd have to say I'd like to see ToM reworked. If they just replaced the soundtrack with something (anything!) else I'd be tempted to buy another, but fleshing out the wizard mode and adding a ball save for when the magnet save fails would be a great start.