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Best place to stay Blackpool


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Nov 11, 2014
Irvine Ayrshire Scotland
Hi all, thought I would ask here as the last time I was in Blackpool must have been 20yrs ago I think we stayed in the Ruskin, I know some folk on here visit Blackpool and also stay there so local knowledge would be great, looking for recommendations for a really good hotel, apartment,airbnb,must be quality as the wife is a fussy so and so, looking to go at the start of July.
cheers Brian
Ahhhh Blackpool, many a fond memory of cannon and ball at the ballroom and jungle Jim's! I would check out the big blue hotel it's probably your best bet, central and reasonably priced, they also have family kid oriented rooms
That looked spot on even the wife liked it but no rooms available for the 3 of us on the dates we looked for.
I think we might start looking in Lytham now as a couple of people have said that's a nicer place to stay so any recommendations for here would be great also.
Cheers Brian
Tiled a job for the owner at st Ives hotel st Anne's nice hotel and has a couple of pinball machines in the games room. Or did 12months ago. Delmeny hotel very nice used to have de star wars not sure if either still have them. St Ives probably more likely.
Thought I would give an update on this just arrived at the delmany in Lytham saint Anne's and I can confirm no pinballs in here and half the arcade machines are either off or aren't working,and if anyone is thinking of booking this it could do with a refurb.
Just found out if you do park in front of the pier you must get a car park ticket ,if you can’t use the app drive off . Apparently it gives out a lot of parking fines 🤔
Watch the qr codes around there somebody put dodgy stickers over and was taking funds off bank accounts a couple of weeks ago on the parking machines around the front in st Anne's. It was on a local FB page 👍
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