Anyone Good With Stereo Amps ?


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Oct 26, 2014
I run my local once-a-month village hall cinema. To date I have been using my 15 year old Pioneer VSX-D2011 as a stereo amp. This was a mid to high end 7.1 channel THX rated home AV home cinema amp back in the day.

I use it to drive 2x inexpensive PA 12" woofer speakers on tripods. The amp gives Rated Power Output of 100 W + 100 W (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.09 %, 8 Ω)

The hall is big enough to house a badminton court in it. We can seat up to about 120 punters. My old amp does the job very well, but I am getting sick of carrying/ packing/ setting the thing up as it weighs about 20kg

Does anyone know of a suitable (lighter) alternative for under say £200:
  • Sound quality does not need to be the best
  • Stereo is enough for us
  • Decent power output
  • Remote control volume
  • Digital volume display (as I may have to slowly adjust it during the show). When you screen 5.1 movies in stereo the dialogue v background effects balance can be all wrong and all over the place
  • Dead simple to set up - so others can easily attend to it should I not be around
Thank you