Sold Aliens Arcade Machine


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Sep 22, 2016
West Dorset
Hello chaps. Moving on my Aliens cab (not the pin, sadly) as I can't get the thing round my stair case and for whatever reason Mrs Huggers doesn't like it in the dining room, weird girl.....

Anyway, it's lovely and clean inside and was shipped over from the man himself Todd Tuckey/TNT Amusements in the states. Here's Todd's vid of the cab;

It has a loaded Pandora's box with hundreds of games and is adapted for UK voltage, best of all it is rocking what is essentially a NOS 19 inch monitor. Monitor was recapped etc by TNT and has a manufacturer date of 2004! Were they still making CRT screens then?! Seems that they were and the picture is CRISP and obviously there is zero burn. Art is cool although it needs pointing out there is some peeling on the Alien pics on the sides, this could either be re-glued or replaced but I've not bothered. Couple of minor dings to the paint but again, nothing that's bothered me enough to do anything with. More pics will be added later this afternoon/tonight. Price is £750. Martin has been here many a time for collection. Cheers all! Game over man, game over!