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A weird issue with WPC solved - just leaving it here in case it helps someone else.....

Pick Holder

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Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.
Currently I am fixing a customers Addams family.

I went out to it and it stumped me onsite. I think in the 25 years I have been doing pin repairs only 5 games I have had to bring back to the workshop or say I can not do it on site....

I looked at the board today on the bench and noticed the capacitor leak (next to the 7812 voltage regulator) that I have seen before, 12v read 12v until under load and it went down to 9v....

But the weird thing was - the only thing working on the game was the flippers. No GI, no coils, no lighting......

Noticed the data was getting across from the CPU onto the main board but nothing.

I then tested for blanking. It was missing. Had to run a wire from the ribbon cable connector (on the back of board) directly to the top left pin of U1.

I took off the fuse holder (the track runs under that on the top of the PCB) - and indeed the track was broken underneath.

So when you are working on an old WPC board.....

Change the three 100uf caps.

I have had the cap by the 12v regulator leak on about 5 or 6 games now. All early wpc (with the flipper relay on the PCB), but I would say - even if you have a newer wpc board - these will start leaking soon and these three capacitors are pennies.
There's a bunch of Elecs that now need changing on these... Some due to common leakage, other just due to age. As you rightly say, the replacements arent expensive and should be replaced as a precaution. C2 should always be replaced, since thats the one that leaks reguarly (as you say, next to the Reg).
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