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Gone to Ebay 1965 Gottlieb Bank a Ball project.


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Apr 6, 2012
Here is a 1965 Gottlieb Bank a Ball that I want to sell on behalf of a friend who isn't a member here.
So here goes:
It does start up and resets and will play a game to a degree but it won't count to its last ball.
They playfield shows signs of being touched in near the flippers. The plastics are all ok. Plexiglass backglass is pretty good, one ares of paint loss showing.
Cabinet artwork is original and shows it's age. Legs are rusty and ideally need replacing or painting. The motor board is grubby and would benefit from a service and tune up ( the whole machine would come to that)
It still has it's bell but there is no metal back door. Front coin door isn't fantastic though it still has a coin mech in it.
Some of the back box drop down balls are missing. This is common on this model. New ones are available from PBR but not exactly cheap. Maybe if one were removed, somebody with a 3d printer might be able to replicate, I don't know?
In summary, it's not a minter. Far from it. But, it can be made to look nicer here and there and be worth the effort.
I'm based just outside Maidstone in Kent. Martin has been to me quite a few times or you can pick it up yourself. Asking £925.00. A donation will of course be made to this site.


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I forgot to add that it has it's playfield glass and lock bar. The touched in area is in the bottom yellow section and the chap's blue jacket has been touched in as well. And all the drop down balls that it has are as shown so the gaps are the missing ones. Note that these are relatively easy to remove, so ignore some of the you tube videos where people dismantle a lot of bits unnecessarily, you really don't need to ! I've attached another picture of the head and it's plinth. It looks to have taken tokens at some time during its life in an arcade but it's disconnected.


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