1. J


    Does anyone know a gorgar pinball machine is worth? I've got one it's all working except player 4 score has an intermittent flicker and at some point it's had a bit of woodworm on the door. Thanks
  2. J


    Does anyone know a gorgar pinball machine is worth? I've got one it's all working except player 4 score has an intermittent flicker and at some point it's had a bit of woodworm on the door. Thanks
  3. Monkeyboypaul

    Game code list

    Have you ever wondered if you're running the latest and greatest code for your game? Found this handy and currently maintained list of software versions. It includes official releases, home versions and also very recent homebrew modifications for older games like RS and TAF...
  4. MadNat


    Don't know what PIN2DMD is? The full story and details can be found here: https://pin2dmd.com/ - the headline however, is that it is an opensource - non-for-profit colour DMD product for both real and virtual pinball machines. As it is opensource - people are free to contribute to content...
  5. Jb3d

    Wanted Indiana Jones (Williams) wanted...please

    We enjoyed playing the Williams Indiana Jones so much at Pinfest that it looks like the ‘one machine in, one machine out’ agreement may be loosened! If anyone is thinking of moving one on, now or in the future, please let me know. Happy to pay the going market rate (whatever that is.) Condition...
  6. PeteB

    Anyone with a Getaway take a photo please?

    So I've got a Getaway which I'm busy trying to repair and the wiring to the ball trough switches are an absolute mess. Somebody really did a job on it Could anyone with a working Getaway take and post up some photos of the playfield underside, showing the wiring to the ball trough switches...
  7. ReflectiveYak

    New Youtube channel - Reflective Yak

    Hi all, Just a bit of shameless self-promotion... (Content is still worth it though, I hope!) Let me know what you think in the comments! (And well if you do kind of like it, subscribe! There's much more to come!)
  8. benNinja

    Sold Judge Dredd JD

    Hello! Moving house so alas must sell Judge Dredd Pros: - Flippers Rebuilt - LEDs installed - Topper - Dead World Mod Installed (will also supply originals which can be fitted on request) - Upgraded Speakers (see pics) - DMD in great condition, with DMD saver board installed. - Ball trough...
  9. Nutty

    Fuse blown !

    I have The Getaway, I was fitting some LEDs etc and a screw fell down through the underside of the playfield not to be seen for a while. After switch on the plunger didn`t work, not knowing about the screw I checked the vio/org, yel/brn & blk 0v cables going to the plunger coil and up to the...
  10. Nutty

    I Think I have wrecked my DMD

    Can anyone shed some light on this. I had the bottom line out on my Getaway DMD, I soldered it twice but it only lasted an hour or so. Reading around I did the dremel attack on it carving out the glass to do the link with conductive paint. When I was working on it I exposed the faulty contact...
  11. strongs_uk

    Sold Terminator 2 (T2) Nice Example.

    Only selling due to buying my Tron last week. I'll regret selling this but I can't justify more than one pin at the moment. This is a nice example of a T2. A playfield refurb was done approximately 4 years ago. Lots of new plastics and refurbished metal parts. LED's are mainly Premiums for the...
  12. Nedreud

    The Lost Playfield Drawings Of Harry Williams

    Superb pinball history article! http://backglass.org/williams/tlpdohw/expo2016/
  13. Mooseman

    Wanted Congo plastics

    there seems to be a real shortage of congo plastics, even full sets are sold out around the world. If any one could provide hi res scans then I will have a go at making some, or the real parts would be good. Cheers This one is the most sort after, has been sold recently at pinball center...
  14. Deck13

    Wanted The Getaway: High Speed II

    Hi =) Has anyone got or know of a Williams High Speed 2 for sale soon? Dont mind the condition too much as I've previously had one, I'd prefer working. Thankyou =)
  15. Jb3d

    Flipper coil sleeves...advice please

    Hi, I have a sticky flipper on my Williams Barracora. At first cursory inspection it seems the piston is getting slightly stuck in the coil and doesn't move in and out freely. No sign of overheating. My first thought is to replace the coil sleeve. My question is: are all coil sleeves the same...
  16. fiatbravodriver

    Wanted WPC or Data east coin door

    Hi anyone in the UK or local selling a coin door for a WPC or data east cabinet? Thanks.
  17. Auntyflossie

    Williams Post Time/Paddock

    Hi there. I am the proud owner of a Williams Post Time pinball and I would like to know if the plastics are the same as the Williams Paddock. I would like to get some spare plastics for my machine and any other spares available. Thanks Martyn
  18. fiatbravodriver

    Traded Williams Narrowbody Lockdown Bar + Cab bits

    Hi I am looking for a Williams Narrow body lockdown bar. Its for a virtual pin diy project. Forgive the Photos I know you guys are experts but just wanted to show examples of what bits plus save anyone time sending offers for alternative stuff. I also need: 4x Legs 4x bolts 4x levelers...
  19. B

    Fishtales dotmatrix issue

    This is what my fishtales dotmatrix looks like ,you can still see it changing displays etc It was ok until I borrowed the ribbon cable to try on another machine .ive tried a different ribbon cable and reseating all the other cables .is this pointing at a dodgy control board ,can these be picked...
  20. strongs_uk

    Found it! Williams Terminator 2

    After buying my first machine a few months ago I'm already after no2 :p I've decided I'd quite fancy a Terminator 2. I love the movie and with owning an Addams Family it will set a nice 90's movie theme in the games room. So if anyone is thinking of selling or knows someone that is or might...