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  1. MadNat

    For Sale Speaker Lights mod - WiFi App controlled addressable LED's

    A few weeks ago @Colywobbles posted a vid showing how he used my Feed Frenzy Power and LED controller board, to drive some cool custom speaker lights in his Simpson's Stern WhiteStar pinball machine (apparently he also has the plastics for Spike systems also). You can see his post here...
  2. Spadge

    Attract mode issue, Lord of the rings.

    Hi, I have a very odd issue with my LOTR (Stern/Whitestar) in that 8-9 mins into attract mode, all the lights either go off (standard) or stay lit (with Led OCD). The game is still response but the game doesn't play (doesn't eject the ball). I have several mods and additions: - Colour DMD -...
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