1. Monkeyboypaul

    Game code list

    Have you ever wondered if you're running the latest and greatest code for your game? Found this handy and currently maintained list of software versions. It includes official releases, home versions and also very recent homebrew modifications for older games like RS and TAF...
  2. benNinja

    No Sound from Data East Sound Board

    Hi all! Been trying to get this sound board going. All I get is a kind of air/static sound from the speakers that can be made softer and louder with the volume pot. I believe the board was pulled from a LW3 and I'm fitting it onto a star wars. I have burned the right EPROM sizes for U17 and U21...
  3. benNinja

    Which EPROM for DMD Driver Board?

    I've ordered a rottendog dmd driver board for my star wars data east. Just wanted to know which EPROM i need to buy to flash as the display ROM. I have my own programmer just need to know which chip. Thanks!
  4. Monkeyboypaul

    Iron Man & Walking Dead ColorDMD - new ROMs released 18th May '17

    New versions of the Iron Man & Walking Dead ColorDMD ROM released last week. Didn't see any comms via Facebook (not that i look often). Iron Man: 3.4: (05/18/17) Corrected contrast on a few isolated video frames. 3.3: (03/22/17) Added support RGB and RBG LED modules. 3.2: (10/30/16) Added...
  5. Per

    "CHKSUM ERROR U18" The Getaway Highspeed II

    Hi Guys, Hope you can be able to help me... Feel like I have tried everything. My problem is my Getaway Highspeed II have a "CHKSUM ERROR U18" in the error log, also there is no sound on the machine... There is 3 "bong" when it boots, but no audio in the game at all. I have checked the ribbon...