In Progress Bubbler jukebox conversion number 2 - iPod to VINYL

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Jul 18, 2016

Well here is the next project.

This is called a Sound Leisure Manhatten Xi jukebox.

Totally useless in 2019, as it has an iPod (with the old 30 pin connector) that feeds the speakers and video comes out on the screen if you were lucky enough to have a video iPod back 15 years ago!

Currently it is black and white, but thinking about getting it resprayed something completely individual.

Looking for a vinyl jukebox now to put inside this cabinet now. Not got one presently but hopefully soon will have (eBay being looked at an awful lot).

SO - ideas on paint job. I would rather keep the back black but the door and panels can be coloured.

Positive points - have the correct button bank, as well as decent plastics and good bubble tubes.

Negative points - have to fabricate a title page unit from a few old ones!
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