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Warning - EPC Trouble Ahead For Everyone. Solar Advice Pls


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Oct 26, 2014
The EPC standards are continually changing and will doubtless change again when reality kicks in ...

it will soon be a legal requirement that rental properties have a Grade C or better. There are also similar targets for owner occupied properties but a few years later. This will then kick into mortgage availability and lenders are already getting nervous about low band properties ....

"Due to a large number of older properties in the UK, it is estimated that around two-thirds of all homes in the UK could have an EPC rating poorer than C and so would not comply."

I have 3x bungalows. Despite in the last 10 years installing internal insulation (celotex on walls), cavity insulation, floor insulation, double glazing, doubled glazed porches, fibreglass roof insulation, double glazed doors, modern insulated water tanks ...... these places are still only Grade D as bungalows get hammered. No floor above, no floor below, no adjoined neighbours.

I may have to install solar cells or aircon units/ air source heat pumps as a fix.

What is the cost effective way of installing solar cells with products that have proven longevity/ meaningful guarantees pls ?


Nov 3, 2015
Darlington, UK
I think that the EPC ratings system is an utter joke, I remember years ago when I sold my last house you had to have HIP pack at the time and that included getting an EPC rating from an "expert".

Well the guy turned up and because the loft hatch was at the top of the stairs he refused to look in the loft and see that it was fully insulated to above the standard at the time, but because he refused to look through the hatch he marked it down as having no insulation at all in the loft severly effecting the rating. There was a few other things as well that I cant quite remember but becuase I couldnt answer his question he didnt seem to have a clue about how to check for things.

Maybe things have change since then, but it really sticks in the back of my mind as I had to pay for this "experts" opinion.

Funny thing is that when I took out a new mortgage deal a couple of years ago there was no mention of having to provide the EPC rating, but looks like this is a new thing leading into 2030.
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