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looking at the list, I did offer 007 for the tourney. The problem being they want it Thursday and I won't be along Friday. I see Pinball Amigos are coming. Did you want Forbidden Planet? It actually appears to work at the moment. I can really only bring 1 pin in the car so it either/or.
@Big Phil
  1. Farfalla - SS- Zaccaria
Is down to be in a headless room, it is a pain in the ass to take apart, can we not have in a headless room please?


Kinda need to know. I pledged 007 for the comp (myself and Telboy usually provide games on request for this). Now its starting Thursday so games have to be there Thursday, Wayne was going to bring it. Now that isn't going to happen and with Tels transport option out of action, that's going to be difficult (I can get it there after work, say 7).
So, do I bring 007 for the comp, do I bring Forbidden Planet for the homebrew, or do I bring Joker Poker EM for the classics (if so I need to get it out and checked over)?
Regarding the comp.......can you give us a little more time please. We have a few things to sort out.
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