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Totan back box all 6v lights not working

John Beckenham

May 9, 2015
Some help please....out totan back box gi s stopped working, pinball mania checked the power board which is good, the problem is from the board to the back box bulbs.
Im basic knowledge.....continuity test on the cable from board to connector on translight box is good, and the same test from 1st light holder to the last in each string are good...so im baffled why the lights do not come on. Any ideas please. Cheers
If the board has been checked, then the issue sounds like its with the plug/connector.

I think from memory this is J106 on WPC96?
(bottom left)

I'd start with some easy testing first:

Unplug the playfield GI (J105), put the Backbox connector into J105. Does it light? That would confirm whether or not the issue is with the power driver board or not.

if it remains unlit, I would check the header. Its likely either a cable (or cables) have become loose or have snapped.

This photo is of a WPC89 board but the inspection is the same.


You want to see a clean connection between each pin on the IDC header. See how each cable has effectively 'teeth' biting into the sheeth? That's how its making contact.

Here in this second picture is a bad wiring example, notice how the cables look pretty chewed up. This is when they've been reseated too many times and the sheeth is pretty much destroyed, leaving a loose or broken connection.


Ideally you need an IDC punch tool.

I'm not sure of a cheaper one in the UK. You could try using a flat head screw driver but honestly it may end up like the second picture!

To repin its pretty simple.
Take a picture before you start to ensure you don't put a wire back in the bad spot!

Cut back the bad end, place back into the plug. Use the insertion tool to press down onto the wire, the 'teeth' will cut into the wire securing it to the plug. Rinse and repeat for every bad wire you find.

Be sure to do this with the machine OFF, the plug AWAY from the power driver board. You can use the bottom of the backbox wood as a temporary work bench to handle the pressure when re-pinning.

The alternative is to completely repin the headerr into a Molex style header but thats going to involve a new plug, new pins and a crimper. Its a lot of work!

Take a picture of the plug and share on this thread if you can.

Good luck!

Scott is spot on.
if Andy at pinball mania has checked the power driver board it can only be the plug or a break in the cable from that plug.

A meter would confirm a break or the wire not in the plug correctly.
Thanks you guys, must say the header doesnt look great. Thisll take a while, need to get that tool and be few weeks till i can have another look at it. Cheers
WIth GI always replace the pins and connector.

There is also a molex plug on the transformer that sometimes gets burnt out.

Also the black connector on the left hand side of Scott's first photo can be the culprit.

Have you checked all the fuses ????? 5 of them will control the GI.
Regards totan b box 6v lights out.....i have swopped the connector from j105 playfield onto 106 b box and they work fine, so its from the connector to b box. Continuity from connector to all strings is good so it has to be the 4 wires greens an purples into connector. Will replace connector and buy the wire tool...bit of a shock at shipping from nl almost same price as 1 from p heaven wow.
Update on above.....j106 connector is shot, replaced and good now, also the game had started resetting continualy.....found to be the earth terminal inside the back box on the left side, where the braided earth strap nut terminal is..cleaned up with small wire brush and alls good. Cheers
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