Stern spike 2 speaker upgrades by new forest pinball


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Feb 11, 2019
Though I would take time to do a review on new forest pinball speaker upgrades it takes a grumpy old git like me who works on Pinball’s every day something special to make me smile with anything pinball related but these are truly great
For most people who know me I always focus on quality over price but this kit delivers both I normally fit pinball pro speaker kits but are costly and expensive to ship and to be honest never achieved what I want in more modern games so dropped Keith at new forest pinball an e mail and this is what he came up with
I wanted to upgrade my Star Wars pro to speakers like on the le version that means going from 4inch to 5.5 inch also means you have to change the mounting plate they attach to available at pinball life Keith’s recommendation s where the exact like for like jbl s for the backbox and a 8inch sub at a price I could not believe proper value for money I fit them today and they are absolutely out of this world like for like fit the only thing I had to change was the connector s but I could have soldered them on directly if I wanted
The sub again bolted straight in but this didn’t give me the desired sound I wanted maybe a little bit too heavy duty for the stern amp to power but a quick chat on the phone and keith is working on some other options for me I will update the post when they arrive so the standard sub is back in for the moment but the overall sound quality and volume is so much better I also fit some speaker lights that are also awesome and I will do a review on those In the coming days I will put on pics and part no of the speaker mounting needed in a while


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Jan 12, 2019
That sub wants some juice, shame we don't have someone doing pinwoofer type amp kits.
Bet it sounds much better with those JBL’s. Nice brackets too.