Star Wars Trilogy X Wing Motor Alignment

Andy B

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Oct 6, 2014
Hull. England.
Would anyone who has a Sega Star Wars Trilogy mind lifting up the playfield and checking alignment of the arm on the X-Wing motor when the X Wing is in the resting position please. Or better still upload a photo.

Had an issue with the one I’m working on and had to take the whole mechanism out to replace a switch.

When I set the arm in the starting position as shown in the parts diagram (I would describe it as arm fully extended) in the manual the end of stroke actuator seems to be lined up wrong with the 2 switches.

If I set the EOS actuator correctly according to the diagram, the arm appears to not be fully extended as in the diagram.

That makes no sense whatsoever because I’m sure I haven’t used the correct terminology so hopefully the photos below will help!

Top one shows arm “fully extended” but EOS actuator in wrong place according to diagram.

Bottom one shows actuator in correct place according to diagram but arm not fully extended

The issue was the X-wing was not moving correctly which I diagnosed as dodgy switch but I’m also wondering if last person that worked on it installed it wrong way round!




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