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Replacement Boards Options


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Mar 15, 2012
Luton, UK
Working my way through issues with Tommy's DMD being fully lit and I keep finding more board horrors. I am trying to find out who is currently supplying boards and if they are considered to be good replacements. I have an XPin Power Supply Board coming as the original one looks like a horror show and repairing it seemed futile.

Replacement board brands I have found:

CompanyLinkUK SourceDEBWGott
XPinhttps://xpinpinball.com/https://www.pinball.co.uk/product-category/x-pin-shop/Some boardsVarious WPC & WPC95
Rottendog Amusementshttp://www.rottendog.us/https://www.pinballdisplays.co.uk/Comprehensive range
Pindora Boxhttps://www.pindorabox.com/playfield power board and PSB but not the CPU
DE flipper replacement boardVarious WPC & WPC95
CoinOpKinghttps://www.coinopking.co.uk/PPB boards
Pinball PCBhttp://pinballpcb.com/NonePre-WPC SS Boards
Planetary Pinballhttp://www.planetarypinball.com/https://pinballbazaar.co.uk/ @James can helpOEM replacement boards
Alltek systemshttps://allteksystems.com/https://www.pinballdisplays.co.uk/appears to cater for the older SS gamesappears to cater for the older SS games
Homepinhttps://homepin.com/EU not UK
Opto boards
Pinball Solutionshttps://www.pinballsolutions.eu/EU not UKYesYes

Who am I missing and are people so sick of Rottendog that they didn't notice they seem to have stopped making boards for a bit?

Longer term suggestion to turn this into a table and move it to tech tips or something
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Pinled do a flipper board that I put in Robocop and fixed it.
CoinOpKing do a PPB board but out of stock at the mo.
Maybe a comprehensive list including everything that is available for every machine?

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Let's get the information in and take a look. I can imagine we all have our own focus when searching for boards. DE and WIlliams are mine at the moment.
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