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NOW FIXED: Audits (free play) won’t save? De BTTF


Dec 30, 2018
North East
I’ve fixed a issue where the back box fuse blew, fixed meaning replaced fuse, all works good now accept I went to put on free play, and it states installed when I click yes but no free play still

i checked batteries were good and they are

i have just received and installed a NVram and removed batteries thinking this may solve it, but still won’t save freeplay

any ideas? Hoping it’s something simple.
However if I add 20 credits these remain after power cycle

And while in audits on free play once I select yes
It moves to next audit, if I back up the audit, free play is stating NO

Maybe this is correct? And not the issue, or it indicates not activated
Can you get any other settings to save like ad15 Number of balls, could try increasing that to 4 and see if it stores.

Also are you cycling all the way through the settings after setting to complete the process?
Just thinking back to my phantom of the opera. It was on free play yet always said credits 15. So maybe it works like that. It never loses a credit.
To confirm: Fixed
It was the coin door switch, and the issue was the wire was on the wrong lug. Switch Normally closed.
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