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New replacement boards now available


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Oct 5, 2012
South Wales
Hi all,

As per my previous thread, i now have a fairly comprehensive suite of Dumbass (Victors) boards avaialble to purchase.

I am working my way through getting boards available to "ship on the day", however initially these will be available on a 2-3 week lead time. Over time i will build up stock to be able to ship immediately, but until that time it is what it is :)
These boards are as close to the originals as available out there, however improvements have been implemented where known issues may have been idnetified.

Support is naturally Via myself, however if it's something i havent seen before then I will be (Thankfully) calling on Victors knowledge (as the creator of these) to assist where needed. He knows these like the back of his hand, and whilst i have a good working knowledge, you can never know enough!
Historically, I have an OND in Electronics and Computing which was gained around 30 years ago, so am in a position where i can read and "Translate" into practical boards

Admittedly these are not the CHEAPEST on the market. If you want cheap, buy a rottendog board if you can find one (i will say that they have a multitude of known issues and compatability problems though - the only rotten dog board I had was new and didnt work!!).
I would argue though that these are the BEST that are available. Victor has a massive backlog of boards to be built, and this is testament to the esteem people give to his creations.

Boards available (Pre-built and tested only). Prices shipped to your door (Mainland UK) :

  • Bally/Williams WPC89 Power Driver - £470
  • Bally/Williams WPC89 Sound (Pre-DCS) - £200
  • Bally/Williams WPC89 Sound (DCS) - £TBC
  • Bally/Williams WPC89 DMD Driver - £140
  • Bally Williams WPC95 Power Driver - £TBC
  • Bally Williams WPC95 AV Board - £420
  • System 11 MPU - £650
  • System 11 A MPU - £670
  • System 11 B MPU - £670
  • System 11 C MPU - £700
  • System 11 MPU one-shot board add-on - +£80
  • Bally Williams System 3-11 One Shot board (See below) - £80

Every board is new, bespoke and built by hand. They are made with new components (where possible - see below!). Each board is tested, primarilly in a real machine, however in the rare cases that this isnt possible, will be tested in a test setup which will 100% confirm operation....
Boards are supplied with PIA's and Processors (most of these supplied by other companies arent!) - Just add Roms (if a CPU) and away you go.
As well as final testing, Individual components such as PIA's and Processors are all individually tested prior to touching the board to ensure funtionality. As you can appreciate, things like 6821 PIA's and 68B09 Processors along with some of the custom sound chips such as the YM3012 and YM2151 chips found on the sound boards are not produced anymore, hence why these are sourced where possible and tested where possible prior to use. Anything that cannot be tested prior to use will of course be tested as part of the final testing, so you can have confidence that you should get a fully working board out of the box.

With regards to ordering, please drop me a PM (https://www.pinballinfo.com/community/conversations/add) and let me know what you are after. I will be initially operating a "waitlist" for any boards I dont currently have already ready to go (I'm just starting out, so will take a couple of months to get to the stage where things are ready to ship same day).

With regards to payment - Whilst i am "building to order" then It would be appreciated to (as i have done with many other things) receive 50% on confirmation of order (i.e. when I can give a Date as to supply) and then the remaining 50% upon completion of testing and shipping.
Prices above are based upon Paypal F&F - Please Add 3% per payment transaction if you wish to use Goods and services. Of course, I'm happy to accept payment using Bank Transfer at no additional charge.


WPC89 Power Driver Board


WPC95 Power Driver Board


Stand Alone One Shot Logic board (Protects your "special solenoids" in System 3-11 games)

(see here for a really good explanation on these from Chris Hibbler :

Williams System 11 (in this case, System 11B, complete with plugin One Shot board top right) using FET Transistors - Final pic under test in my Big Guns machine.


As an aside from the above, I can now carry out repairs on all original WPC boards - However no CPU please since they are cheap to replace and invariably have Battery Damage.
I can fully test WPC89 boards (be it one or a set) on my test fixture, so if you have a set that you want to be tested prior to installing.
I will buy original WPC boards if you have any for sale at a resonable price - please remember though that the price non-working will be substantially different to that of a working board (i am not interested in working boards at this time).

Any questions, please ask here, or drop me a PM - i will be aiming to get back to everyone within 24 hours (some will say that makes a nice change!) :)

Finished the above a few days ago. Would you believe it, the one thing i forgot to order has held everything up - Fuses!!!


And just put the below together for my "Big Guns" this afternoon :

This display is designed to work on the following games :


Work in progress (Boards in stock, parts en-route) :
System 11 A/B/C Power board
System 11 A/B/C Aux power board

Work to follow once the above are completed:
WPC95 Driver board
WPC95 AV board
Scrolling upwards and seeing the System 11 board fitted, I wondered "What game's that with an interconnect board for the Insert?. Probably Big Guns, it of all games would've had one". And so it is; work didn't have one, on account of its height.
Scrolling upwards and seeing the System 11 board fitted, I wondered "What game's that with an interconnect board for the Insert?. Probably Big Guns, it of all games would've had one". And so it is; work didn't have one, on account of its height.
Yeh, the manual spouts on about being a system 11A... however the run was split betweek System 11A and System 11B - generally System11B!! :D
Well and the interconnect board. And the sound...
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