New Pinballer - Looking for first machine / To meet Northern collectors!


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Feb 13, 2020
Glossop, Derbyshire
Hello everyone

I'm a 'virtual' player and have put a ton of hours in on virtual, mostly MM and Elvira & The Party Monsters. I'm a huge fan of both these games, chiefly EATPM , but I lack the playfield lingo to explain precisely what it is I enjoy about it. Probably the simplicity of the game and the challenge of many of the shots. The aesthetics also right up my ally.

Anyway! I find myself owning my very first home with an office and a pinball shaped narrow space. I'm in the market to get my hands on something real and to also feed my curiousity of flipping the lid and start to engage in some amateur repairs and rejuvenations. I would love any advice on first time buys (I've seen lots of similar threads and got lots of great advice) and to meet people up in my neck of the woods (Glossop/Manchester) who frequent ownership of these mythical machines who might have some bargains/opportunities for me.

Thanks for reading and look forward to any replies!

- Jeffrey


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Jul 21, 2011
Huddersfield. Real name David Dutton
David Dutton
Hi Jeffrey
Good timing - the next meet of the Northern Branch of the UK pinball league is in Halifax this Sunday!
PM me your email address and I'll send you full details.

You are also welcome to arrange to come and see my collection (I'm in Huddersfield), and I'm sure there are other Northern collectors/owners who would be happy to do the same

Also, make sure you visit the Northern Lights Pinball Show in Manchester at the beginning of May

I'd suggest that you get out and play a good number of games before deciding what to buy.
I'd also suggest that you will be much safer buying off this forum or people at the meets than via Ebay, where many people have regretted starting their collection - there are a few bargains or fair priced games there, but also a great deal of overpriced rubbish.

If you are thinking of buying from a games company, talk to people before going ahead - there are some good ones out there, but also some who will make a vast profit on the game they sell you.

There's lots of advice and friendly people on here and elsewhere on the net to help you with questions that might arise, so go for it, and welcome to our amazing hobby