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Name badges for Pinfest 2022


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Jul 21, 2011
Nipper Pinball
Right name badges are ready for the show, they tell you what ticket you hold , either general admission for a day, the weekend, if you are a V.I.P. Ticket holder etc.
They will also say your name and you forum name (Pin Info) so people can recognise who you are with just a glance at the badge. They will last you the whole weekend unlike previous years where they didn’t last a day. They will be on a lanyard in a sealed plastic holder.
There were some costs in getting them together but what I’d thought of is if anyone wants one which I hope it’s most people then you can buy one for £1 , this money will go to a charity decided on the weekend . So let’s see how much money we can raise for a good cause, plus you end up with a great momento of the weekend and Pinfest 2022.
You will be able to buy one from me , I will be on the NLP desk on the main stage behind the main competition area.
Some pics of the badges and lanyards
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Apr 25, 2019
UK - West Midlands
Think I must’ve got confused as I followed a link to purchase name tag posted on another thread - possibly the main PinFest 2022 one or Tips for PinFest Newbies?

No worries, I’ll still buy one of these at the event. Probably for the best because I do tend to get my head in a tizz over the most simplest of things such as remembering my name, lol!


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