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For Sale More CoinDoor love TOTAN, RS, Munsters, DM & DI £10 posted



Nov 9, 2016
Colin Chapman
Hey Col
I will take a Guardians one please
Could you do
Ghostbusters LE in green & Black
Starwars LE - silver
Munsters LE - gold
BM66 Catwoman Edition - do you do a Purple?
Any Godzilla designs yet 😉
So colours are where it gets quite difficult due to the limited availability and even ones you think would be easy to source like Red on Black or Black on Red are £100 a small sheet if you can find someone with stock which I haven’t yet. However Red on White is a simpler one to obtain.

So trying to get Green on anything or Purple is a total no go.
All that said in my opinion the Silver and Gold finishes although limiting look very premium quality.
I have found a way round by inlays of the acilable colours to expand the pallet if only a little.
I’ve mixed feelings on this as it took me almost 2hrs on each of the above (JM & i500) to just get something that looks a little more fitting in with the theme.
Certain pins like the Avengers one I have on ChrisB’s ATM look amazing but you are kinda stuck with 2 tone so it has to fitting with the overall look of the pin, whereas doing them all in Silver or Gold keeps continuity in your collection and they sit well next to each other as a kind of presentation name plate.
To give an example I’m over 3hrs+ trying to make a Batman 66 one and this is the best of 3 attempts upto now but in honesty it will probably better in silver and black.

Colours I currently have in stock are
Black on White
White on Black
Blue on White
Yellow on Black
Redo on White

I can get several mettalics but I’ve settled on the brushed silver and Gold as they cover most cases


Den - aka Wolfgang

Site Supporter
Oct 22, 2019
London (U.K - why does my profile show a U.S flag?
Received these this week; top notch work by @Colywobbles ; sparky Air ball protector, speaker plastics and coin door plates (stuck one on thr backbix as too nice to waste). Also plastic protectors. Really happy 👍🏻 - thanks again Col!
Airball protector makes quite a bit difference; faster game when fitted, as not as many balls ending up in the pops after hitting sparky.



Site Supporter
Sep 6, 2016
Hi Colin can you do me one of the Addams family ones please and if possible a Demolition Man one in the same manner? please pm me how to pay etc. many thanks Barry
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