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Metallica - shooter problem

Den - aka Wolfgang

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Oct 22, 2019
London (U.K - why does my profile show a U.S flag?
The protector wouldn’t stop the playfield sitting in the right position?
The balls is hitting the protector - it probably hasn’t been installed properly.
I think you are right re: the protector not being fitted (especially if the ball is hitting it on launch), I just thought that if the metal protector fits over both the inside and outer part of the PF edge (not sure if this is the case; looking at it again, prob just the inside), then the outside part might've been rubbing against the inside of the cab, but as you say, likely not the case.


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Jul 21, 2011
Nipper Pinball
Problem to me is that the plunger is not making contact with the ball in the shooter lane in the centre of the ball. Adjust the shooter housing untill the shooter is lined up with the centre of the ball.
If the fault is still happening then remove the plunger to check it perfectly in line and is not got any bend in it, finaly check the shooter housing to make sure there is no excessive play between it and the plunger.
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