Sold Iron Maiden Premium £7500 / Trade


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Jun 10, 2018
Iron Maiden Premium
Pics will be up tomorrow
Not a mark on it and fully loaded, you would be hard pushed to find a better playing, looking and sounding IM Premium

Firstly it has had the official stern speaker panels fitted from the LE Version along with the same JBL speakers and cabinet speaker that the LE has including the red rings and it fits perfectly and sounds awesome.
Cabinet unmarked.
New black armour siderails which protect the buttons
Illuminated flipper buttons
Shaker motor
Rgb translite backboard that has been colour matched to the translite and really makes it pop, can also be changed with included remote control
Trough illumination
Colour changing orb
Egyptian archway on right ramp with leds
Pinstadium light rails with UV and glow linked to the game, sunglasses 🕶 not included for when you hit the back target 🎯😂
The Pinstadium is currently set to red side lighting but you can control it and set it with an app on your phone.
Coloured plastic protectors
Pharaoh eyes blinker mod
Tomb entrance lit torches mod
Inner art blades
Underworld lighting mod
Remote controlled rgb strip above the rear playfield backboard
Obelisk cover mod
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