No Longer Available HUO Metallica Pro - TLS kit and more - £4,750

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    Want lots of pinball Machines to play in one place??

    One low cost price to let you play all of these??

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Jul 6, 2012
Kingsbridge, Devon
Only selling as I have a LE coming !

This is HUO, I'm only the 2nd owner, bought off forum member who bought NIB
Has never moved from my house, no shows etc
No marks on cabinet

Has a fair number of mods, if I miss any, will update when I get home.

Main one, which is amazing, RedshiftLED Total Lightshow kit installed (Red, Blue & White LED GI show)
ColorDMD - a must for Met
Stern shaker motor
Snake fangs
Lighted speaker inserts

Will take pictures shortly

Martin due soon, as has collected my LE

Viewing welcome! and to play any of my other games



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Nov 8, 2016
You offered me to fit this to mine and order another about 10 months ago... what can I say, Im an idiot! (and I was hoping you'd be wanting to play MET a bit sooner :rolleyes:
Yeah I hoped i'd be in shape to fit it and play it. BTW if you're about on Sunday I could use a hand for a little time? You can still use the TLS if you like, its way down my projects list :(