Friday Night fun - Play 1 game post yr score time !

Sgt GrizZ

Staff member
Jul 21, 2011
40 clicks North of Saigon (or Brighton beach )
We did this before a while ago ... Just a bit fun on a dark January evening - simply pick one of your machines and have 1 game and report yr score / achievements / disasters :) ..... 1 game, be honest, no restarting, its just for sh*ts and giggles.

I just reinstalled ColorDMD in Popeye so thought I'd give it a whirl .... thumbnail_DSC_1369.jpg

A low to ok score .... got a couple Bluto modes done, made a pigs ear of multiball , but INCREDIBLY and for the first time ever I found Swee Pea TWICE on a single visit to the upper playfield :eek::D:eek: TWICE....... if you know the game then you know how tough it can be to find Swee Pea once ! Happens rarely. I just did it TWICE on a single visit , I couldn't believe my skills:D:D:D:D ..... 50 mill award, then the maze resets, I then ploughed straight thru and found him again ! Another 50 mill !