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Forum bug with images?


Site Supporter
Jan 7, 2020
norn iron
I think this is a bug; if I attach an image to this post, like this:

View attachment 228561

And then edit the post afterwards, delete the image from the post and attached files list, but change my mind and click cancel and reload the page/original post, the image attachment is broken.
Strange... I get this...


Which i would say should be right for an image that has been deleted...?? Maybe not...
Yes I hindsight probably a user experience thing rather than a bug; I think it's down to if you delete the image as an attachment (from the attachments list) then the cancel edit action won't undo the delete, but if you just delete an inserted image and then cancel, the image remains. Just wasn't what I was expecting and I was messing around with some images and ended up having to reupload a bunch
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