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Concert/gig attending thread.....


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Jan 12, 2014
Sunny Exeter
So what concerts have you got lined up to attend?

Thought I'd start this thread whilst I'm sat in the bar at the O2 academy in Bristol initial awaiting the on-stage appearance.of 'Ella Eyre' (no I'd never heard offer either) .

Having agreed to do the 'responsible adult' bit for the youngest teenage daughter & her friend I've at least managed to bag a good spot in the bar, a table to lean on and a good wifi signal through the personal 'hotspot'( ooh err') on my phone. The support act doesn't even sound so bad so far & some of the audience look almost as old as me (or is that just the lighting).

Planning a parental revenge by way of having booked the whole family tickets to go and watch Status Quo perform their new acoustic album live at the Roundhouse in Camden next week (2 surplus standing tickets still available at face value if anyone else interested due to booking 'cock-up'!!)

Got me wondering what other concerts/gigs//performances fellow posters ha lined up?
Nothing at the moment unless @Rav hooks me up with Fields of the Nephilim tickets.
I have seen NIN, Pearl Jam and Faith no More so far this year, plus a few other support acts.
Got Motorhead/The Damned coming up next month.

Wanted to see the Graveltones on Sat but couldn't get out of the house
Went to Lytham Proms and got tickets for Kate Bush in London last month (the wife's birthday). That was impressive, quite theatrical.

Lee Mack in Blackpool and Erasure next month then Ennio Morricone in Manchester for December. Yes, we get to a diverse choice of events....
I feel like a weedy boy here. Wonderstuff in June. Would have gone to mudhoney if I had known :mad:
Got really fond memories of "in and out of grace" back in the day but haven't listened to a Mudhoney album in 20 years.

Still hurts me to admit that the Mission ****ed all over the Neph last time I saw them. Never thought I would ever have said that.

Got the Hey! Hello! gig in a few weeks time but nothing else on the horizon at the moment. Kids are finally getting to the age that I can go out and see bands and not worry about being woken up at 6am. Had to leave the Children On Stun After party two weeks ago though tp get home to avoid paying another £40 to the babysitter - grrr.

Discovered the Graveltones last year. ****ing amazing band live

Want to go and see the Lounge Kittens but it might be a step to far on the ironic level.
My word. I thought I was one of the few saddos left. Mudhoney, neph, mission, faith no more ....

This could be Nottingham rock city's regular Saturday night alternative disco in 1990.

I saw the mission supporting the cult left year. Mission pretty good actually
Just finished a 3 night bank holiday weekend away at Lechlade Music Festival in the Cotswolds (no I'd never heard of it either, it's very small!) with with most of the family there at various times.

A fairly eclectic mix over 3 stages starting with Bon Jovi & Led Zeppelin tribute bands & a Ukele rock band on the Friday followed by 20+ bands on the Saturday (Dr & the Medics headlining on the Sat + another Ukele rock band in the mix!) and Status Quo finishing off on the Sunday night as the main festival act (which was bizarre at such a small festival, but they seem to be doing a few this year),

Not Glastonbury, but a lot cheaper all round & kids 16 & under go free & toilets on site still usable after 3 nights!. Did remind me why I hate camping (especially 4am walk across soggy field to the portaloo when you really do need the loo after the extra drinks!).

Now negotiating options ( or not) of going to see Bastille as 'responsible adult' with the youngest in a park in Portsmouth :)confused:) or at the Boardmasters near the beach in Newquay in August( :cool:)
Wondering if I know you Mr DRD. Lived in Leicester from 89-93 so spent a lot of time at Rock city. Had one of the my best gigs ever there seeing Janes Addiction (probably 91 or 92) . Used to drink in the Tap & tumbler before going in

I used to love Rock City. Great venue for a disco and a band. The Thursday night student night more so than the alternative night on Saturday - I always had (and indeed still do have) trouble getting folk interested in the heavier/ grungier end of that scene. For me it was also 90-92, before serial monogamy intervened and ended my music days. We used to drink in the Bell and the Turf Tavern. And eat at the Moulin Rouge Chippy ! , which like Rock City is still going

But my music days ruined my ears, so I have tinnitus now. Rarely go to concerts and use custom made musicians earplugs to limit further losses.

To be fair to 'er indoors, she did offer to attend Pop Will Eat Itself with me in Derby recently, but she truly had no idea what she was letting herself in for. If I am going to really make her miserable at a concert, I'd rather it were to see a better band. Though Beaver Patrol playing in Rocky City on a Saturday night with my best friend has great memories for me. And he has it as the ring tone to his phone. What a bunch of idiots these guys looked, but this one song with massive volume and bass was a club classic back in the day .....

A little more subdued than the rest of the above, but I'll be on the front row (dead centre) for the Adele concert a fortnight today.
I've got tickets to see the specials in October. Been to see madness 6 times including the second madstock they did in Finsbury Park. That was epic.
Always wanted to see the specials.
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I've got tickets to see the specials in October. Been to see madness 6 times including the second madstock they did in Finsbury Park. That was epic.
Always wanted to see the specials.
I've seen Madness twice - once at Madstock, but at the first one in '92 one with Ian Dury and Morrissey. Can't even remember where I saw them the other time, maybe Birmingham NEC, or possibly Brixton. Can't remember now.

I saw a live orchestra play the score for Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Albert Hall last week. There must have been at least 70 or 80 in the orchestra and it sounded amazing.
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I've got tickets for Muse in a few weeks as a treat for my wife. I do think I've ever heard any of their songs!

I'm off to Belgium to see Black Sabbath in June. My buddies and I take a nice festival European road trip every summer. :) It was ACDC in Arheim last year and Metallica in Landgraaf the year before. I guess I should have made it Kiss this year to complete the Stern hat trick!
Seen vice sea last sat , blaze Bailey on Wednesday , trivium on the 23rd , then download festival is the next one but have bfmv booked also and steel panther
Booked - download festival , steel panther , airbourne , bullet for my vallatine , steel house festival

So far this year I've done
Vice squad , trivium , sham 69 , Slipknot

Would do gigs most weeks but sadly can't afford too
Took my daughter to see Neil Young at the 02, great gig and what a guitarist, never realised just how talented he was on electric.
I'm off to see Public Image on Tuesday and the Blue Dot Festival end of July. Not a fan of the Wonderstuff - Isnt Mikes Hunt rhyming slang ?

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Going to the O2 for the first time ever next weekend to see Alice Cooper. Got a feeling that it's going to be half full at best. Rest of the line up is pretty weak. Want to see Michael Monroe and The Lounge Kittens but there really needed to be some stronger bands further up the bill. Alice is always good though.....

Might be off to see the Levellers in December. Will 20 years of royalties be enough so they can afford some bars of soap?
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