Advice on putting a little tournament together with one machine!..:-)

Den - aka Wolfgang

Oct 22, 2019
Hi all,

So recently at a kind of flat warming party I had my virtual pin on (had mainly Visual Pinball running) and was pleasantly surprised that the whole night people were on it, with often 4 or 5 people gathered round watching/waiting to play.

So I'm thinking of having a bit of a little Vpin tournament with friends, but am trying to figure out the best way to structure a tournament with only one machine available to be played at one time?
I'd like to make it so that everyone gets to play at least 4 tables before anyone is knocked out of the tournament, so even the worst players can have a bit of fun and feel included (*I am the only one who gets to practice, everyone else just has a passing interest in playing, although having to nudge buttons/function most games don't last too long)

I originally though that say if I had 20 people taking part, then just 20 people all getting a game (four people competing at a time) would take around an hour and 40 mins - estimating 5 minutes each play time) - based on this, that'd mean 20 people playing on 4 tables would take over 6 hrs on it's own and so that idea has kind of gone out of the window!... (may revisit this and go for everyone starts by playing 3 games each, I don''t know...)

I'm now moving towards the idea of splitting everyone in to teams of 4 and 1 member of each team competing against someone from the other teams, then after 2 or three tables have been played, then each team loses a member or something??

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there for any ideas and would also be interested to hear of anyone's stories of hosting or playing in tournaments turning out to be a nightmare due to technical/organisational or any other reasons (I'd imagine some of those stories could be amusing he he(