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Found it! #6-32 machine post for Gottlieb star post


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10 Years
Oct 14, 2013
One of the machine posts has sheared off inside the t-nut whilst I've been removing star posts to clean the playfield on my Surf'n Safari:


I think these are the common #6-32 t-nuts which are easy to find, but unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere to buy the posts - am I calling it the wrong thing? I found this on @pinballmania website but out of stock:

Does anyone know where I can get these from please?
It's not quite the same item, the Pinballmania item has a 6-32 thread either end. I think a chrome acorn nut screws onto the shorter end of your item hence the gouged appearance. I'm at work at the mo but when I get home I'll see if I have one.
Thanks both for the help - @Andy_B I think you're right about the acorn nut, I had forgotten they would self-thread, so yes I need to find the one with the "unthreaded" top (and no loctite on the base thread, I wonder if that's what this one had?! :oops:).

Was that screenshot from Marco? Any in the UK though? @David retro ?
It's an early Gottlieb specific playfield post so I doubt any UK suppliers will carry them. The pic was from Pinball Resource (PBR) in the states who have immense stocks of all things Gottlieb.
I've checked mine and unfortunately they are all woodscrew type so no good for you. I can send you one with a machine screw top if it gets you going-the acorn nut might be a bit loose though.
Failing that someone else may have one lying about.


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If you can fill and glue the hole with something like a bamboo skewer, I got a dab of the wood screw type with the correct top. Ken
Yes, that would work but might not last long if it's a high impact area. Never had a System 3 so don't know if they mix and match m/c screw and woodscrew playfield posts.
Yes they mix t-nut screws with wood screws across the playfield… I had thought about filling the hole and using a wood screw one but obviously would prefer to use the t-nut type if I can.

Funnily enough whilst most of the t-nut ones are in areas like the slings, this one is tucked to the side of a target so can’t even be hit directly from the flippers… but I’d be more concerned with the force required to get the rubber fitted!?

@Andy_B is that last photo one you’ve got? If it’s a #6 it looks like the only issue is how tight the acorn nut fits?
Yes it is 6-32. I'd just put a bit of blue tac or similar in the nut. I assume it's just holding a plastic down.

Yes I’d rather have a stiff post and a loose nut (fnarrr)… it is indeed just holding a plastic on top, sounds like a plan, I will send you a DM 🙂
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