Sold 3D HD 1080p Projector


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Mar 20, 2013
Great projector at a good price, I also had this projector, I now have the Optoma UHD60 4k, stunning picture quality, only problem is the cost of 4k movies still at £25.
AAMOI is the 60 "real" 4k ? I just replaced mine with an HD39 Darbee. Was looking at 4k ones but the sub £1k models use pixel shifting so opted instead for a good 1080..


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Feb 29, 2016
I had no idea about this pixel shifting and other methods, but you was was right, most the projectors under £5k seems to be some sort of 4k, but not real 4k, all a bit of a fix...........
So I called Richer Sounds who have always been great, I got the projector from them because of the 6 year warranty they give, I have had it 4 months and they have agreed to take in back in exchange for the Sony which is getting all the rave reviews at the minute, so great service.
I was happy with Optoma, it really does look stunning, but its DLP and I can see a rainbow of light every minute which I am told some people see it and some dont, so thats the main reason for the upgrade, but I did feel a bit cheated thinking I had a 4k setup.
I know its not the cheapest place to get it, but with the 6 year warranty and a free Sony UBPX1000 4k bluray player which is not a cheap player makes it a good deal, have to wait 2 weeks now until they get stock from Sony.
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new forest pinball

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Oct 27, 2015
brockenhurst hampshire
Which Sony projector and how much?
@robotgreg ...... hi Greg,
They are talking about the Sony vpl-vw260es, sonys "lowest price" native 4K projector. (Bit smaller dimensions than their previous projector s). What hi-fi 5star winner. May 2018..
Set one up for one of my audio customers last month and the picture was stunning (cost him £4.6k).he was using the oppo udp-205 signature,
Blu-ray player. Awesome! Hope that helps...


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Aug 11, 2011
Broadstone, Dorset
Many thanks Keith. Only tend to watch TV rather than films so Blu-Ray not of interest and a bit of a noob to all this!

That's prob out of my price range given that I'm not as into it all as much as I am the pins!! But thanks anyway:)
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