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mod for sale

  1. L

    Stern 2019 Jurassic Park Mods

    Hi everybody, If you have a Jurassic Park Stern Machine. We propose 4 mods for the Pro version and 1 mod for Premium/LE: • Moving Blade (Propeller), Colors to choose • Mosquitos Insert x 3 • EastDock Panels x 4 • Velociraptor Mod, Dome to choose • Pteranodon Mod (Premium/LE) Don't hesitate to...
  2. MadNat

    For Sale Speaker Lights mod - WiFi App controlled addressable LED's

    A few weeks ago @Colywobbles posted a vid showing how he used my Feed Frenzy Power and LED controller board, to drive some cool custom speaker lights in his Simpson's Stern WhiteStar pinball machine (apparently he also has the plastics for Spike systems also). You can see his post here...
  3. P

    For Sale Amplified Subwoofer Kits by Pinwoofer

    Hello everyone, during my last restoration I decided to finally take the time to work on an idea that I had a while ago. I wanted to get a better sound experience from my pinball machines, something that would really make a memorable restore. The result far exceeded my expectations! I wanted...
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