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  1. MadNat

    For Sale Speaker Lights mod - WiFi App controlled addressable LED's

    A few weeks ago @Colywobbles posted a vid showing how he used my Feed Frenzy Power and LED controller board, to drive some cool custom speaker lights in his Simpson's Stern WhiteStar pinball machine (apparently he also has the plastics for Spike systems also). You can see his post here...
  2. biglouieuk

    Afterglow 1.3 Board

    evening all. Picked up an Afterglow board from a forum member, just installed, what a wonderful thing! First thing, I am trying to connect via USB to look at config. I get a failed to connect on COM3. Wondered if anyone else had successfully connected or had as link to any troubleshooting...
  3. Bod

    LED bulbs, colour schemes and psychedelic vomit

    Hi, If updating a machine to LED's - would this be a like-for-like swap with the incandescent bulb, or is there further "behind the scenes" upgrades that also need to be done? (talking about Williams c.1990 tables - in particular Gilligans Island and FunHouse. Also, is there any guide as to...
  4. Skippy

    Looking for someone to convert DE Star Wars to LEDs

    Well hello fellow pinheads! Quick question here, is there anyone in or around the West Mids that would be in the business of retro fitting LED set to my DE Star Wars? If so what sort of cost, yes I'd pay that person for the Kit. Also might have color DMD to have fitted. Looking to do this at...
  5. strongs_uk

    TRON Owners LED Lighting advice

    Looking for recommendations on LEDs for Tron and types of LED's to use. I've got an idea of how I want it to look. I've seen some examples where orange have been used on the left side of the PF and blue / white on the right. I also think that purple looks quite nice in the GI. I'm thinking of...
  6. Spadge

    To LED or not to LED

    So my automatic response is always to LED my 90's-current machine. But LOTR? Its a bright table that fades and dims the bulbs nicely, very bright for a 10yr or so old table. Anyone LED'd theirs? Or regretted it? Its the only one i've ever had that I didn't think needed it.
  7. Monkeyboypaul

    Sold 1x LED OCD for B/W games WPC89/95 (new) @ £150 + Postage

    UPDATE - only 1 remaining. If you use LEDs in a WPC89or WPC95 game without one of these devices then you're doing it wrong. :p I bought a few of these last year, because i like LEDs and therefore needed this, but now have 1 surplus to requirements. They are new & unused (but have been opened...
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