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  1. biglouieuk

    BOP Face Guides

    My face guides on my BOP were horribly yellow and cracked. I've spent a couple weeks reproducing new ones. I've tried resin casting, but can't get them to set without being a little bit tacky.. I'd need a pressure pot and a vacuum pot and additive rubber not condensing rubber and and and...
  2. PeteB

    For Sale New Design BOP2.0 Plastic Set

    Little something I've been working on in the background, here is a completely new design 19 piece plastic set for Bride of Pinbot 2.0 which matches the purple space theme of the BOP2.0 conversion kit, and also the other mods for sale. I have only a few of these sets available and then there...
  3. strongs_uk

    J120/121 Header Pin Replacement

    Hi all, When I received my BOP I had some GI issues on the backbox and I noticed the connector for the GI was badly burned so I ordered this: Now I've replaced the connector the GI is working lovely but the connector...
  4. IcanSEE

    For Sale The Machine - Bride of Pinbot (Nottingham)

    I've got a real nice condition Bride of Pinbot on Ebay right now. If you've seen it before, check out the updates at the top of the listing, couple of issues (battery backup and multiball pin) are now fixed. £2000 ono. Offers welcome but be quick, have some already. View in Nottingham if...
  5. strongs_uk

    Bride Of Pinbot (BOP) - (No longer wanted)

    Looking for a BOP (yes I've seen the one currently on eBay) If anyone has one for sale please drop me a private message. Cheers, Scott
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