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  1. K

    Price advice and selling on here

    Hola, I have some pins to sell I’ve got an idea based from pinside of what they are worth. Is this a good reference point to use? I don’t want to be seeing to rip someone’s eyes out. Also how do you sell your pins on here ? Thanks in advance ?
  2. simonclarke

    Budget at 1500 unless you're willing to take credit card

    I'm looking for advice on what machines I can purchase currently with £1500? Ideally from 90s-present
  3. NoCLU

    Revenge From Mars Help & Advice

    Hello All, Old player new to being an owner. Now looking to learn how to maintain table myself. Leading to more tables later. First table bought about 2 weeks ago Revenge From Mars. Careful as I was checking before buying table, has a few problems I hope people can help with. Was working fine...
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