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Marketplace Terms and conditions

The mission of Pinballinfo is to promote the Pinball hobby and community in the UK and worldwide. As part of this, Pinballinfo offers a Classified Marketplace for it's Site supporters to be able to Request items (Wanted), Sell items (Sale) and Trade items (Trade) with other members.

Ads are not allowed to be posted anywhere other than in the Marketplace. Ads posted in areas other than the appropriate category will be deleted without notification, and warnings will be issued.

1. General Classifieds Terms and Rules

The Marketplace is made up of three different categories:

  • Pinball Wants, Trades and Sales
  • Part Wants, Trades and Sales
  • Other Item Wants, Trades and sales
    • 1.1 Location

You must state your location in each classified ad . Your location should include (at the minimum):

      • The Location of the item in the UK (Nearest City is ok)
      • If outside the UK, Your Country and your Location (Nearest City is ok).

While most of our users reside in the UK, not all do. Any ads without an acceptable location will be deleted without notification, and warnings may be issued.

    • 1.2 Maximum Number of "Open Ads"

There are no limits to the number of items that a user can post. 

    • 1.3 Maximum Time Before Ad Expiration

In the interest of keeping the Classifieds clear of clutter, all ads with no activity will intermittantly be marked as "No longer available".


2. Additional For Sale/Wanted/Free Terms and Rules

The purpose of the Marketplace For Sale/Wanted/Trades categories is to provide our contributing members a place to facilitate commerce.

    • 2.1 Who May Create Ads in the For Sale/Wanted/Trades Categories?

Only site Supporters are permitted to post a Marketplace Advertisement. 

To become a site supporter, you must make a donation here :

This donation is valid for 12 months from the last donation made, and will allow you to post in the classifieds section for this period of time.

    • 2.2 Ad Types

Please make it clear as to what kind of Ad you are posting by utilising the correct Drop-down prefix for your thread:

      • For sale: Ads may only contain items that are for sale. If you are willing to also accept trades, you may state that in your ad details. Seller should show at least one picture of the item they are looking to trade, preferably more!.
      • Wanted: Ads may only contain items that you are looking to purchase. No pictures are required other than if you wish to attach one to illustrate what you are looking for!
      • Trade: Ads may only contain items that you are willing to trade. Seller should show at least one picture of the item they are looking to trade, preferably more if possible.
    • 2.3 Pricing/Trades/Availability

      • 2.3.1 Pricing

Each item for sale in your ad MUST have a price listed as part of the Ad Requirements.

Your ad will be deleted, and warnings may be issued if you post a For Sale ad:

        • without a price;
        • linking to an external pricelist;
        • linking to an auction site;
        • that contains a price list in the form of an attachment;
      • 2.3.2 Or Best Offer

On Pinballinfo, OBO (or best offer) means that you are willing to negotiate for LESS than your listed final asking price. 

        • A For Sale ad stating: "Pinball Plunger, £20 or best offer" is fine.
        • A For Sale ad stating: "Pinball Plunger, make an offer" is not.
      • 2.3.3 Trades

All items listed as a Trade ad must not have a monetary value assigned to them. Listing should include items that the "trader" is prepared to consider as a trade.

      • 2.3.4 Availability

All items listed in a For Sale ad must be available and "ready to be shipped" at the time you post your ad. Examples of merchandise that is not yet ready to be shipped (and therefore cannot be advertised) include, but are not limited to, anything that might be "coming soon". For Sale ads with items listed that are not immediately available will be deleted, and warnings may be issued.

    • 2.5 Prohibited Ads

The following ad types are prohibited in the For Sale/Wanted/Trades categories:

      • Mixed ads - All items listed in an ad are restricted to the ad type selected. Remember - there are no limitations to the number of Ad's you have at any one time.
      • Auctions or implied auctions - You must include the asking price in your For Sale ad -- NO EXCEPTIONS.
      • Pre-sales - All items listed in an ad must be available to be shipped at the time of posting.

Please Note: Do Not post prohibited ads. If you post a prohibited ad it will be deleted, and warnings may be issued.

Advertising stolen goods will result in an instant and permanent forum ban.


3. Buying Tips

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true then it normally is!

Safety tips

  • Do not make payment until you have verified the identity of the seller
  • Check trading feedback and the value of seller's past trades
  • Be wary of pushy sellers or being asked to pay a deposit
  • Look out for last minute changes or something unexpected, such as a different payment method or being asked to send payment to a third party
  • Remember Royal Mail standard first and second class postage only offers up to £20 compensation:


  • Collecting an item in person ensures the trade is completed to the satisfaction of both parties
  • Take a friend if meeting in person if you feel uneasy
  • Do not make payment before seeing the item if you are collecting (A mutually agreeable refundible deposit may be paid)

Confirming identity

  • Check that the supplied name and details are genuine. Telephone or video chat with the seller
  • Ask for a photo or video of the seller holding the item in a mirror
  • Check that a name matches bank details by paying in branch
  • Only accept verified Paypal addresses

Seller unable or unwilling to follow guidelines

  • Report the matter for Admin attention
  • Scammers have even pretended to be the opposite sex to gain trust!

Condition and Description
Read the item description carefully to fully understand what is being sold before making an offer in order to avoid disappointment. Before committing to buy:

  • Ask for good clear photographs
  • Ask questions about condition or warranty
  • If possible collect in person to test an item before payment
  • Confirm postage method and tracking

4. Selling Tips

Top tips to avoid buyer disappointment:

Item description

  • Outline the full ownership and usage history, including repairs
  • Be honest: describe the functionality and aesthetic condition of the item as accurately as possible
  • Post clear photographs of the item
  • Consider taking a video to show an item is working at time of sale, especially if posting a high value item

Other information

Completing the sale

  • If you are selling a fragile or high-value item, insist on collection only
  • Consider giving first preference to buyers who can complete in person even if you are flexible
  • Pack the item well. Inadequate packaging may mean a courier claim is declined
  • Retain proof of postage to claim for lost parcels or courier damage


If you are posting goods then understand that it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the goods arrive at their destination. If it goes missing in the post then it’s the seller’s responsibility to deal with the situation.

Registered post, Special Delivery, Courier are good ways to ensure that you can prove the goods arrived. Ordinary 1st or 2nd class post offers very little protection or proof of delivery for the seller. We strongly advise that you at least get proof of postage of the item however, please note that even with proof of postage, if the item goes missing or is damaged in transit then it is still the responsibility of the seller to either replace the items or refund the buyer.  High value items sent via courier or standard post should always be insured against loss or damage.


5. Ad Spoilers

Please respect users’ Ads. If you have no intention of buying an item then please refrain from posting comments on the ad. If you have genuine concerns about an ad then report it to the moderators. Posting seemingly helpful comments about an item being cheaper elsewhere often upsets the original poster and spoils their ad. If you genuinely want to help the seller or potential buyer then contact them directly off forum.

If you feel that your ad has been spoiled by a third party then use the ‘Report this’ link on the post in question to alert the moderators. The moderators will then look at the reported post and decide if action needs to be taken. Moderators will not be proactive with this rule. They will only act if a post is reported to them using the ‘Report this’ function and only if the report is from the OP.

If we agree that a post is an Ad Spoiler then we will warn the user, delete their posts and any subsequent replies in order to do our best to return the ad to it’s pre-spoiled state. Repeat offenders risk a ban from the forum.

6. Disclaimers:

Pinballinfo and its staff are NOT responsible for anything sold, purchased, traded, lent, or given away in the Classifieds (other than being responsible for their own ads). Each individual user posting an ad is responsible for everything posted in their ads.

Please do your research on an individual before entering into a transaction with them. Check their review items. Ask for references. Look for potential red flags (no reviews, brand new account, location discrepancies, non-standard payment options, etc.). Decide if the individual is someone you feel comfortable in conducting business with.

The Pinballinfo Team does not get involved in transactions. The Pinballinfo administrators may consider intervening in case(s) of deliberate scamming conducted within our Classifieds (private deals off the forum will never be mediated). We will judge the available information and decide if there was a deliberate scam. If so, the scammer's account is subject to revocation of privileges, suspension, and/or banning. Even if we determine that a scam has occurred, we are not responsible for offering the victim a refund or other compensation. The victim may pursue legal action if desired; we will cooperate with any criminal investigations, and comply with any court orders.

Pinballinfo is an international community. It is the responsibility of the individual to know the laws of their jurisdiction regarding the import/export/shipping of the goods they are dealing in.

By posting an ad or responding to an offer, you agree that Pinballinfo, and its staff and voluteers are not responsible for any actions or omissions of third parties. We are not liable for any loss of money or any other damages arising directly or indirectly out of transactions you may have with third parties.

By posting an ad or responding to an offer, you agree to indemnify us (including our staff members and volunteers) for any claim or demand, including reasonable Solicitors fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

All terms may be changed at any time without notice. Each time you post an ad or respond to an ad, you agree to abide by these terms.

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