For Sale X's & O's Bally £900


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Sep 4, 2018
Selling my first machine that I bought back in September which has been fantastic both to play and to learn how these things work.
I've now played it out and need to replace with something else.

This is the original advert and pics, thanks James for selling me this lovely, well cared for machine.
I've had no problems with any of the bad things mentioned below. The top flipper may need looking at, it starts to stick after a few dozen plays, not sure exactly why, a good clean sorts it out for a while.
I've cleaned up the cabinet exteria a bit too.

Re-posting this machine for sale. I recently had it out in a location (a quiet pub) but had to remove it due to the pub changing owners and i sadly dont have the room to keep it at home. The game is pictured without legs but i will include the black legs that it came with when i bought it. I love the machine and it plays really nicely and dont want to have to part with it but needs must.

The good:
New Altek MPU board (including paperwork for instructions/settings etc.)
2 new flipper coils and 3 new end of strokes
All displays are bright and fully working
Recently stripped the playfield and cleaned/waxed, changed the bulbs and rubbers.
Cleaned cabinet wiring
Red and blue colour coded bulbs in the naughts and crosses grid

The bad:
Credit/match display connector may need changing at some point. The display fully works however the previous operator did a bad job at repinning the connector and I've never got round to changing it - But it works!
Usual cabinet dings and scratches as everyone knows about.
1 broken plastic on left flipper return lane
Playfield wear on the skill shot loop

I’m looking for £900 (Which will include a donation to the forum) You’re welcome to come and test the machine and I’m also happy for Martin to collect (hes been here plenty of times)

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Jan 11, 2018
Thanks for messaging me with first refusal, if I had space I would of had it back. It's a fun little game and great for first timers looking for a easy game to pick up and play! GLWS



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Sep 4, 2018
Hello Gica
If you expand the first post you should see the pics.
It was my first machine too and I have played it alot. Its got a lot less spaghetti and things to go wrong than some other machines so is great for learning how things work.
I'm in Glossop, you are welcome to try it out. Pls pm me.