Williams Turf Champ EM (Pink TuTu Refurb)


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Jul 21, 2011
Near Grantham
Well we are underway, gave it a once over. It has had a bit of rodent damage in the back box (but nothing to conductor level that i can see), had a 25A fuse where a 10A should have gone (could indicate more issues or just sticky mechs), a blown fuse and loads of busted wires, broken solder joints and dry joints.

Anyway some pretty pictures as follows. I will pull out the bottom panel later tonight and start striping this down. It has an after market 240 - 110 transformer installed. I will also be applying an earth brade to all significant exposed / extraneous conductive parts (e.g. leg brackets coin door etc.

There is a cracking mechanism for pulling the horses along that works on a lubricated Clutch break system. The chains are real sticky though so will need to sort them, to lubricate or not to lubricate afterwards is the question :)

P1030245.JPG P1030246.JPG P1030247.JPG P1030253.JPG P1030259.JPG P1030263.JPG P1030265.JPG

Jay Walker

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Apr 19, 2013
Swansea, U.K.
That horse mech is insane (in a good way) wouldnt see anything like that now days.

Interesting looking game in general, did you bet on the horses and then try and get yours to win ?
Williams made a few games with that type of race mechanism, but usually it was in the back box. A horse (or whatever) would be randomly selected when starting a game, but could be changed during play.
The objects weren't always horses, though. Other variants were banger-racing cars and speedboats
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