Weekend trip to the Dutch Pinball Museum 22-2-2019 to 24-2-2019

When should we visit the Dutch Pinball Museum?

  • 22nd - 24th Feb

    Votes: 7 63.6%
  • 15th - 17th Feb

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • 1st - 3rd March

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • 8th - 10th March

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • 15th - 17th March

    Votes: 5 45.5%

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Jan 12, 2014
Sunny Exeter
The Pinball Museum is about a 30 minute walk maximum from most of the City Centre and the Innhotel Rotterdam @Spadge mentioned is about halfway between the museum and the City Centre (so about 15 mins). Public transport tends to be very good for getting around with a metro and trams, but distances to walk aren't huge anyway.

Probably best to aim for places between the museum and the City Centre or near the 'Old Harbour' (range of bars).

I was looking at arranging a group trip to Rotterdam about 12 months ago (which didn't happen) and last stayed in the Centre about 2 years ago in an Airbnb 'cube house' (totally unique to Rotterdam) . I'll try and dig out details of the places I researched and post them in the next couple of days or so, with a mix of budget levels.

Just finishing packing for holiday and then travelling much of tomorrow, but 'watch this space'😉
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Big Phil

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Nov 24, 2011
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Right, that's me and the family/friends booked into easyhotel. I used hotels.com

We're staying for 3 nights. Me, the Mrs. My daughter and her partner. Graeme and his Mrs. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Have to do a bit of sightseeing on the Sunday.....and drinking!


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Jan 12, 2014
Sunny Exeter
Apologies, a little slow pulling this together as travelling much of yesterday and the broadband speed in Greece not being the fastest !😄

Some Rotterdam accommodation option info & comparative cost - all costs based on looking direct website booking on/around dates 22nd-24th Feb, obviously these may change as time moves on.

StayOKay Hostel Rotterdam
Hostel based in Rotterdam’s Cube Houses (a very unusual place to stay)
Cost (booking direct on their site) circa £65 per night, for double room, including breakfast or £120 per night for four person room including breakfasts
Interesting place to stay, right by Market Hall (spectacular place for food) and enormous Saturday Market. Also close to Old Harbour bars & Restaurants & close to main City Centre

City Hub Capsule Hotel
Double-bed size capsules(!).
About £45 per night for double bedded capsule + breakfast
Close to City Centre, probably about 25 mins walk to Pinball Museum
Interesting website - not sure the young lady shown on the website doing the bed ‘bounce test’ is on the hotel staff…

EasyHotel Rotterdam
Budget hotel,close to city centre and waterfront. About 20 mins walk from Pinbqll Museum
Circa £55 per night for twin/double room. breakfast Extra

Ibis City Centre Rotterdam
Close to City Centre & Market Hall & Waterfront. circa £65 per night for train or double room + breakfast. About 25 minute walk to Pinball Museum

Inntel Hotel (Waterfront)
Right on Rivers edge, about 15 minute walk from Pinball Museum & about 10-15 minute walk tomCity Centre or Market Hall
Cost circa £90-£95 per night for twin/double room, breakfast extra & you can upgrade to a private sauna in your own room if you want…

Design Hotel Mainport (Waterfront)
Right on rivers edge, adjacent Inntel hotel. about 15 minute walk from Pinball Museum & about 10-15 minute walk to City Centre or Market Hall
Cost circa £140 per night for twin/double room, breakfast extra & you can upgrade to a jacuzzi in your own room if you want…

As people will be staying in different places, a suggestion of one place to meet for breakfast on the Saturday morning (and as the museum opens at 12 noon) could be the very modern Market Hall that @Spadge mentioned in an earlier post. Apart from being a stunning piece of architecture with 11000sqm of digital orient on the underside of its arched roof that might give you a sense of what it might be like to be trapped inside a pinball machine, it has a great market based food court with loads of options and is adjacent to Rotterdam’s huge outdoor market.


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Nov 8, 2016
market hall is awesome for beers and food, plus 1L beers...

Got very good friends in Rotterdam, real shame I'm overly spoken for that weekend.