For Sale TZ for sale


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Sep 29, 2018
I have one of two TZ 's I bought from Italy for sale.
This one being the better of the two. No sun fade and a very low use playfield.
Playfield does have two cracks on the lower end. See pictures.
I have cleaned and added new rubbers . Patched a few bits. Sorted all issues etc.
There are holes on the front for coinbox bar. These have been filled etc but could do with a decal etc.
Coinbox lock on order.
All Incandescent lighting.
As usual I paid more than I should have for the two hence my price on the forum. I'm not making any money out of the sale.
Will be posted on Ebay at a higher price than here.
t3.PNG t21.PNG t4.PNG t9.PNG t8.PNG t7.PNG t25.PNG t24.PNG t23.PNG t22.PNG t13.PNG t12.PNG t14.PNG t15.PNG t17.PNG t16.PNG t2.PNG t1.PNG t10.PNG t11.PNG t5.PNG t6.PNG t18.PNG t20.PNG