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Hi all,

Finally i think i have got to grips with the inbuilt account "upgrades" on here, making the management of this much easier.

So - here starts the new and ongoing donation drive (sorry if i sound a little off - I hate the begging for money part of the site). I have tried to make things as easy and straightforward as possible :)
I have tried to make things fairer, so rather than things being based on a calendar year, a donation is now valid for 12 months from the date of donation. This way people who donate in May don't get penalized...

As suggested previously, I have extended those who have donated since 1 July to expire a year after their donation date :)

The only other change is that i have made the minimum donation £10. Previously it was £5. The reason for this is because MOST donations were £10 or above, and personally I don't think £10 per year is excessive (less than £1 per month).

People who sell things on here are encouraged to donate - only because if you were to sell a machine on Ebay they would take 10% minimum (Excl Paypal). However you are not obliged to donate because of this - it is your choice.

I would like to extend my thanks to all those that already donate as part of their selling machines on here - Many thanks!

If you wish to make more than one donation per year, feel free! Your "site supporter" status will be extended to 365 days from the date of your most recent donation! Think of it as "topping up" to a year...

The Admins and Moderators do their role on here free of charge, and i would like to thank every single one of them for supporting the site and helping out - Thanks guys - this place wouldn't be what is it without your support :)

Any more questions please feel free, and i will answer below. Many thanks for your help and support over the past year.


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Aug 10, 2014
Donation made.

How the heck could I not, without this site I would never:

A) Have anywhere to discuss pinball and retain my sanity :cuckoo:
B) Own a CFTBL
C) Loaned in a TZ
D) Own a Spiderman
E) Joined a pinball league which is awesome to be a part of
F) Most importantly, been able to meet such a great bunch of folks associated with pinball, especially the NLP crowd! :thumbs:

As they say, life is good! :clap::D:clap:
Likes: Paul