Sold Pinball Clocks


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Hi all,

Having a bit of a tidy up and have come across a Run-DMD clock (see the original thread here :, and also one of @DrPinball's Dotclocks (
I need to order new Power supplies for both, and find suitable Packaging, however will ensure both have the latest code and are fully tested for 24 hours before shipping :)

I wont be able to arrange shipping until Next weekend at the earliest because waiting for the PSU's to arrive, plus am all over the country again this week!...

Prices are :

RunDMD - £240 + Shipping at cost (were £280 + Shipping)
DotClock - £175 + Shipping at cost (usually £199 + £15 Shipping)

Once these have gone, that's it... No more left (other than the one i have had running hassle free for the last 3 years - and that is Staying!!)

Payment Via PP Friends and Family or Bank Transfer



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Feb 24, 2017
Could someone explain what the difference between the two are, haven’t got the time currently to read the threads so a quick run of the differences would be great! Cheers